Whether you’re a new Glock owner or a seasoned carrier looking for fresh setup ideas, we’ll be exploring some of the most effective and practical ways to maximize the functionality of your Glock 19 EDC setup.

Why the Glock 19 is a Top Choice for EDC

A Glock 19 on a white background.

The Glock 19 has long been a top choice for everyday carry (EDC) among firearm enthusiasts, law enforcement officers, and civilians alike. It’s designed to offer the perfect balance between comfort, size, and firepower.

For all of these reasons, the Glock 19 is often referred to as the “Goldilocks gun” – the just right gun to fulfill a person’s carrying needs.

Advantages of the Glock 19

Size and weight: The Glock 19 strikes a perfect balance between being compact enough for EDC and large enough for a comfortable grip. It’s lightweight and easy to carry all day without causing discomfort or fatigue.

Capacity: With a standard magazine capacity of 15 rounds, the Glock 19 offers ample firepower while maintaining a manageable size. Glock also offers 10-round magazines that comply with any state magazine capacity restrictions.

Firepower: It uses 9mm caliber rounds that are renowned for their manageable recoil and allow users to maintain control and accuracy. Plus, 9mm ammunition is commonly available and relatively affordable to make practice and training more accessible.

Aftermarket support: The Glock 19 enjoys a vast array of aftermarket support. Whether you’re looking to customize your sights, grips, triggers, or slides, there are plenty of high-quality options available. This flexibility allows you to tailor your Glock 19 to your preferences and needs.

Performance and reliability: Known for its consistent performance, the Glock 19 can withstand harsh conditions and still function flawlessly. Its reliability has been proven in countless real-world situations, making it a trusted choice for both law enforcement and civilian use.

Ease of use: The Glock 19’s simple and intuitive design makes it easy to operate, even under stress. There are no complex controls or safeties to worry about – a crucial advantage in a self-defense situation.

Holsters, Magazines, and More to Optimize Your Glock 19 Setup

Embarking on the journey of EDC with a Glock 19 requires thoughtful consideration of your gear. It’s not just about the firearm itself but also about how you carry it, the extra ammunition you might need, and other essential items that form part of your daily preparedness.

What holster should I use for my Glock 19 EDC?

Selecting the right holster is an integral part of carrying a firearm. It’s not just about comfort, but also about safety and accessibility.

A good holster will secure your firearm, prevent accidental discharges, and allow for quick, smooth access when necessary.

IWB holsters

A man wearing a Glock 19 with an inside-the-waistband holster from NeoMag.

Inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters are a popular choice for EDC due to their ability to conceal your firearm effectively. They sit inside your pants, with only the grip exposed above the belt line.

At NeoMag, we offer the Alias Belt System, which converts from a battle belt to an EDC concealment carry belt to seamlessly serve your dual-carrying needs.

If you prefer a beltless EDC option, our Alias Beltless Carry System will allow you to carry your Glock 19 whether wearing your work clothes or gym clothes. Read The Advantages of Using a Beltless Holster for Concealed Carry for more on beltless holsters.

OWB holsters

Outside-the-waistband (OWB) carry is another option. It’s often preferred for its comfort and ease of access. While it may not conceal as well as IWB carry, it can be a great option for EDC.

Our Alias belt works with most Kydex holsters, so it can function as both your battle belt and OWB holster belt for EDC.

What about carrying extra magazines?

A closeup of a titanium NeoMag magentic pocket extra magazine holder with a magazine connected.

Carrying extra magazines for EDC is an important consideration.

When adding extra magazines to your EDC setup, it’s important to balance accessibility, comfort, and concealment.

You can opt for magazine carriers that can be attached to your IWB or OWB belt depending on your preference and clothing.

Or you can opt for pocket carry to protect the magazine and keep it oriented correctly.

At NeoMag, we offer the Magnetic Pocket Magazine Holder. It allows you to slip an extra magazine into your pocket while holding the magazine in place with a super-strong magnet.

Read Pocket Magazine Holder: A Vital Accessory for Concealed Carry to learn more about adding this accessory to your Glock 19 EDC.

What about carrying other EDC items?

A black NeoMag Tac-Trap connected to a brown belt.

You may find that there are other items you want to carry along with your Glock 19 and extra magazine. But handling all of that additional gear can feel overwhelming.

Our guide – How I Juggle My EDC Items – takes you through different setups for your additional EDC gear so you can take with you everything you need.

Clothing Considerations for EDC

A man wearing a black sports coat with a Glock 19 for everyday carry.

When carrying Glock 19 for EDC, your choice of clothing plays a role in effective concealment. The goal is to maintain your personal style while keeping your firearm hidden and accessible.

Choosing the right clothing

  • Fit: Choose clothing that is slightly loose but not too baggy. It should provide enough room to hide your firearm without printing, but not so much that it looks out of place or hinders your movements.
  • Layers: Layering is a great way to conceal your firearm. An outer layer such as an unbuttoned shirt or jacket can hide the outline of your gun.
  • Color and pattern: Darker colors and complex patterns can help break up the outline of your gun and make printing less noticeable.
  • Material: Opt for thicker, sturdier fabrics that can support the weight of your firearm and reduce printing.

Seasonal strategies

The season can also influence your choice of clothing for concealed carry:

  • Warm weather: In warmer months, a good inside-the-waistband (IWB) or beltless holster paired with a light, untucked shirt can be sufficient for concealing your Glock 19.
  • Cold weather: During colder months, heavier clothing and layers provide more options for concealment. Outerwear like jackets and coats can easily hide your firearm, even if it’s on an outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster.

Practice and Familiarity

Carrying a Glock 19 for EDC requires regular practice and familiarity with your firearm and equipment.

One of the most critical skills to develop is drawing from concealment, and it’s essential for several reasons:

  • Safety: Regular practice helps you draw and reholster your firearm safely, reducing the risk of accidental discharges.
  • Speed: In a self-defense situation, seconds count. Efficient drawing can be the difference between life and death.
  • Confidence: The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be in your ability to handle your firearm effectively.

Regular practice and familiarity with your gear are key to carrying safely and effectively. Especially as you add in more layers during winter, practice will help you become more familiar and comfortable with your EDC setup.

Perfecting Your Glock 19 EDC

A man placing his NeoMag Alias IWB EDC holster on a table.

Whether you’re at work, out for a jog, or simply going about your day, your EDC setup ensures your Glock 19 and additional gear are carried safely, comfortably, and discreetly.