You know, there’s something inherently personal about the items we choose to carry with us daily. It’s a mix of necessity, personal expression, and, let’s admit, a touch of gear enthusiasm.

I’ve been there, meticulously selecting, testing, and switching out items, all in the quest for the perfect everyday carry (EDC). But, one question always loomed: how do you efficiently and comfortably carry all these handpicked items?

Optimizing Pocket Space

Ever stood in front of the mirror, patting down your pockets, thinking, “There’s got to be a better way?” I’ve been there too. We want to be prepared, but we also don’t want to look like we’re lugging around our entire belongings in our pants. So, how do we strike the balance?

Front Pockets vs. Back Pockets

The front pockets are prime real estate. In my front right pocket, I carry a super slim Ekster wallet with the essential cards needed and rotate through a few pocket knives. To me, pocket knives are just a tool, not a fighting instrument so that’s why I clip them there.

In my front left pocket, I carry a spare magazine in a NeoMag or clip a flashlight.

I have an iPhone 14 Max Pro, which is notably large. Typically, I slide it into one of my back pockets when I’m standing or moving around.  When I sit, I take my phone out of my back pocket and hold on to it or place it nearby.

As for my keys?  They hang on a TacTrap EDC on my belt, a real space-saver.

Pocket Clips

I’m a big fan of EDC items with pocket clips. These keep items from collecting at the bottom of my pockets, ensuring easy retrieval and comfort. Now, here’s where gear like the NeoMag shines. With pocket clips, your everyday carry essentials sit right at the edge, ready to be drawn whenever needed. No more deep dives into the pocket abyss for an upside-down and backward magazine.

The TacTrap EDC deserves a spotlight here too. This magnetic belt storage device slides effortlessly over your everyday 1.5” belt. It’s designed to stow items like keys, rags, gloves, and even sunglasses securely on your belt.

Crafted from durable 6061 aluminum and finished in a sleek black anodized look, it’s both functional and stylish. Its robust neodymium magnets ensure retention, so you can trust it to hold onto your items.

And given it weighs just an ounce, it’s the epitome of lightweight convenience. Beyond its functionality, it’s also backed by NeoMag’s reputation and a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind for the long haul.

Rotate and Prioritize

Some days, I’m really hot and just don’t want a bunch of EDC kit on me. So, I rotate. It’s about understanding your day ahead and adjusting. Got a day outdoors? Maybe that EDC multitool takes precedence. Office day? Perhaps a classy pen and a compact notebook.

The Role of EDC Bags

Alright, let’s dive into territory that often sparks some lively debates among my EDC buddies: the role of EDC bags.

I mean, our pockets are fantastic, but there’s only so much they can hold, right? For everything beyond that, we turn to the trusty EDC bag.

Backpacks, Sling Bags, and Messenger Bags

Each has its charm. Backpacks offer the most space and are my go-to for daily use. I can keep my iPad, some office supplies, a small medical kit and it can even be a place to store my carry gun if needed.

Sling bags like the Viktos Upscale 3 are perfect for those lighter days when I need a bit more than my pockets can handle but don’t want the bulk of a backpack.

Modular Systems

These are for those who love customization. Some bags come with MOLLE attachments or Velcro panels, letting you add, remove, or rearrange pouches as needed. It’s the kind of versatility I didn’t know I needed until I tried it.

This is where our Alias System can really help. I can use our Alias Hook & Loop receiver inside of a Vertx backpack to stow and organize my carry. Or I even have a Grey Man Tactical backpack panel in my Triple Aught Design Axiom backpack with Alias Hard Mount Receivers where I can secure my gun in the holster.

Safety and Accessibility

A key factor that many overlook. Quick access pockets for EDC essentials and concealed compartments for sensitive items (like your passport or spare cash) can be lifesavers. I personally love bags that offer a balance – easy access for me but not so much for potential pickpockets.

Specialty Carriers

It took me a while to get into the groove of specialty carriers. For the longest time, my pockets and bags were enough. But then came that day. The day I realized I could, well, optimize further.

Belt Pouches

While it might not hold a million items, it feels like it could. Tailored for those mission-critical, smaller essentials that you absolutely can’t afford to misplace, these pouches provide a low-profile utility solution perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, or everyday carry. Versatile by design, you can wear them on your belt, a shoulder strap, or even attach it to another piece of gear.

Ankle Straps

For the gear I hope I never have to use but need to have, ankle straps are a revelation. Backup cash, a mini first aid kit with only the essential first aid supplies, or a spare key – they’re discreetly tucked away until that moment arises.

The Importance of Rotation and Adaptability in EDC

Adapting and evolving, that’s the name of the EDC game. I’ve come to learn that the world of everyday carry isn’t static; it’s a fluid realm that demands flexibility and, quite honestly, a bit of soul-searching. Let me tell you why.

The Daily Grind vs. Weekend Escapades

Monday to Friday, I’m tethered to my desk, running a business. Do I really need my camping multi-tool or that hefty EDC flashlight? Probably not. But come the weekend, when I’m hiking trails or setting up camp, those items are indispensable. Recognizing the ebb and flow of my weekly routine was my first step in mastering EDC rotation.

Seasonal Shifts and Their Nuances

Ever tried accessing your pocket gear with thick winter gloves on? Not the smoothest operation. As the seasons change, so do my gear priorities. In winter, items with larger grips or easy access mechanisms are king. In the summer, it’s all about lightweight and sweat resistance.

Mood, Comfort, and Personal Expression

Some days, it’s all about minimalism. Just the basics. Other days, I’m Batman with a utility belt, ready for anything. Our mood, the way we feel, plays a huge role in our EDC choices. And there’s nothing wrong with switching things up based on sheer whimsy. It’s a reflection of who we are at that moment.

Test, Reflect, Repeat

Every new piece of gear I introduce into my EDC goes through a trial phase. Does it serve its purpose? Is it comfortable? Does it spark joy (yes, I went there)? If it doesn’t make the cut, it’s back to the drawing board. Rotation isn’t just about what to carry, but also about what not to carry.

Organize Your Daily Essentials

As the day winds down and you empty your pockets, there’s a new question to ponder: where do all these essentials go?

The Leather Bottom EDC Tray, with its sleek design, provides specific compartments for items like wallets, keys, and other accessories. And for those who consider personal defense a priority, the brass rod is a brilliant feature, offering a secure place for a firearm.

The Wireless Charging EDC Tray seamlessly blends the world of EDC with modern tech convenience. This tray isn’t merely a space to dump your daily carry but a charging hub.

Just place your phone, wireless headphones, or any Qi-compatible device onto the tray, and voilà – they charge. It’s a perfect fusion of function and form, ensuring that your tech is as ready to tackle the day as you are.

Tailored EDC

In the end, it’s all about finding that balance between utility and comfort, preparedness and overburden. Whether you’re still in the process of curating your perfect set or have it all figured out, the journey of EDC is ongoing, always adapting to the rhythm of our lives.