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Revolver Ammunition Strip Concealment


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Sentry Strap

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Magnetic On-Belt Gear Storage







NeoMag: Black Clip

NeoMag – Black – Medium – Extended

Medium NeoMag  (For 9mm & .40S&W)

NeoMag – Medium

Medium NeoMag  (For 9mm & .40S&W)

NeoMag – Medium – Extended

NeoMag Type G – Black – Medium

NeoMag: Black Clip

NeoMag – Black – Medium

Sentry Strap

Sentry Strap – Black

coyote sentry strap

Sentry Strap – Coyote

Sentry Strap – Multicam

Black Multicam Sentry Strap

Sentry Strap – BMC


Top Mount Holster Clip

Alias Belt Receiver

Bottom Mount Holster Clip


Alias and Black Kore Essentials Bundle

Alias and Tan Kore Essentials Bundle

Alias and Black Leather Kore Essentials Bundle

Alias and Brown Leather Kore Essentials Bundle

RASC & Free Speed Strip Bundle – .38/.357 Magnum

Must add speed strip separately to cart.

RASC & Free Speed Strip Bundle – .44/.45

Must add speed strip separately to cart.

Customer Feedback

Perfect fit to the magazine. Both 9mm and the 380. I have the extended versions. Well made. Strong pocket clip and strong magnet for secure carry. Very happy with both of them. Thanks NeoMag!

Tom K.

April 13, 2022

I’m a repeat customer. This team produces innovative quality gear for your EDC lifestyle. 11/10

Mike L.

March 25, 2022

I’ve tried numerous kydex mag pouches for EDC purposes, and while an IWB kydex pouch works well, they’re not terribly comfortable (less surface area pressing into your body than the weapon holster itself unless you’re running a Sidecar for example). In any case, the Neomag is not only comfortable, but easy to don and doff, and it carries a spare mag discretely. Now there is virtually no reason not to have a reload, effectively doubling your odds of saving your life or the lives of those around you. As a retired 32 LEO from a large Midwestern agency and former firearms and tactics instructor, I cannot recommend Neomag enough. v/r

Jeff B.

March 23, 2022

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Current Bundles

We have some belt receivers in stock but other receivers are out of stock. We hit some snags in our supply chain for a key Alias receiver component. If you want to make sure you know when we restock go to the Alias page and scroll down to the email notification and sign up. We are doing our best to fully get back in stock ASAP! ...

41 0

When you need a long term and reliable solution for sling staging the Sentry Strap is just what you need. ...

642 5

Want to shoot transitions faster? Try driving the gun from target to target without visually confirming your hits. Learning to know your misses by feel and tracking the dot is a huge skill set in becoming faster.

Photos as a reel because IG hates photos!

175 2

The Alias bottom mount offers more ride height adjustment than any clip on the market. But how do you know where to set it? Dusty with an Alias quick tip to help answer that question. ...

368 7

New gun day makes you want to make music doesn’t it? We put several hundred rounds through the @springfieldarmoryinc Prodigy today. We will share our first impressions soon and follow up with a longer term review after we get some real time in with it. ...

250 0

It’s impossible to really know how magnets work. All I know is they work really well for keeping a NeoMag at the ready in your pocket! ...

169 2

Run & Gun in what you carry every day! Alias and NeoMag help you keep concealed and comfortable day in and day out. ...

344 9

Would you like to experience secure modularity with your holster? Here I demo going from the awesome @vertx_official SOCP Fanny pack to gym shorts. Either carry is perfect for that third trip to the hardware store today because that’s how every DIY project goes. ...

3512 76

Finally beltless is back in stock! Carry comfortably in gym shorts, sweat pants, yoga pants with the Alias Beltless. ...

1366 49

Set the new fastest time on the @aimsurplus paper drill today. Go to their site and print it out for your next range day. Use a NeoMag for the reload and pass it let me know, I got something special for you. ...

222 8

Alias and NeoMag got a workout today day one training with @point_1_tactics Performance Pistol Course. Get out and train! ...

253 6

The Alias receiver will fit through belt loops but it’s easier to avoid it. Here are several ways to set up your belt so it’s easy to have your receiver in the right place every time. ...

493 6

Need something to keep your nightstand organized and ready? Our EDC tray is designed to keep your most important items staged and ready day in and day out for years to come. ...

3617 43

Here is something I’ve been pondering recently. I hear comments like “I’ll never switch from my Glock 19 to the next newest gun. It has always done what I need when I needed it” then the same people will poke fun at “fudds who still carry a 1911.” If you ask the 1911 carrier, they will say it’s because it’s always done what they needed when they needed it.

What does it take for you to consider leaving a firearm platform and adopting a new one? When should we halt progress Vs encourage and adopt new ideas and technology?

561 26

We just got a restock! Pick up a LTC pocket Trauma Kit on our site under Other Gear/Medical. Be strapped & be ready to save lives. ...

273 3

If you're looking for the best way to carry your ammunition strips, we have just the thing for you.⁣ check out the RASC on the website!
#RASC #wheelgunwednesday #revolver #wheelgun #EDC #357magnum #44magnum #madeinusa

384 21

The Sentry Strap is the original magnetic sling staging strap. Made to break away at the pull of the sling and only take seconds to re-stage. Made in 🇺🇸 and available in 5 colors. ...

896 7

We create and manufacture accessories to make your daily carry more comfortable, reliable, and convenient. Evil is waiting, train and be prepared to fight. ...

555 2

I went from wrestling two clips on this holster to one Alias bottom mount clip. It’s more secure and much easier to remove. Link in our bio for more!

@koreessentials @mccannracing @official_stacatto2011

739 22

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