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Sentry strap is our solution to the issue that is sling staging.  True to our style, we use 2 powerful magnets inside the Sentry strap to hold your sling fast to your rifle. Deploying is simple; grab your sling, and tug. The sentry strap breaks away on its own. Fast and easy. That’s the way we like it.

The minimum size the Sentry Strap will fit is roughly 1″ (a buffer tube). The maximum circumference is 8″ (2.6 Max Diameter). The Sentry Strap is secured with Velcro. The sling catch is secured with magnets and will fit anything from padded slings to webbing straps.

Strap Extensions allow the sentry strap to add 1-2 inches to the length of the strap. This allows it to work up to 11 inches

Weight: .8 oz

Need just an extension for your existing Sentry Strap? Buy one here.

1-Year Warranty

Manufacturers 1 year warranty

Highly Rated

NeoMag is rated 4.9 stars by Google

Additional information

Weight .16 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 3 × 1.5 in

Black Multicam, Black, Multicam, Coyote, Ranger Green, red white & blue


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Questions and answers of the customers

    Have you ever seen this used on a Steyr AUG? It’s an odd shaped rifle.
  1. 0 votes
    Q Have you ever seen this used on a Steyr AUG? It’s an odd shaped rifle. answer now
    Asked by kydguy801 on April 1, 2024 10:30 AM
    Answered by the admin

    Yea, I believe you will need the extension with it.

  2. Will this work with a quad rail or would I need to get the extention?
  3. 0 votes
    Q Will this work with a quad rail or would I need to get the extention? answer now
    Asked by thegarmangroup.jjug on January 11, 2023 7:44 PM
    Answered by the admin If your hand guard is over 8" in circumference you will want the extension.
  4. Do I need the extension if I want to wrap it around the handguard on a DD MK18
  5. 0 votes
    Q Do I need the extension if I want to wrap it around the handguard on a DD MK18 answer now
    Asked by Jordan Larson on January 10, 2023 12:33 AM
    Answered by the admin If your hand guard is over 8" in circumference you will want the extension.
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43 reviews for Sentry Strap

  1. Jordan Lindenfelser (verified owner)

    Well made, keeps the sling staged where I want it. It just works. Nice job Neomag.

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Everything about this product is great. high quality materials and stitching is excellent. Shipping was fast too. Will be purchasing more for other firearms

  3. Luke (verified owner)

    Seriously, why would you use anything else? Such a simple yet quality product that not only works extremely well but looks good too. I will definitely be ordering more for all my sling bearing platforms.

  4. John (verified owner)

    I purchased a sentry strap after dealing with slings everywhere when dealing with rifle bags. I was willing to try it after talking with one of the sales guys at my local gun store who recommended it. After receiving the package and seeing the bible verse labeled on the side and the handwritten note with a bible verse on the packing slip, I feel these are great American people who truly care about their customers. I will definitely be buying more products from them. We need more businesses like this!

  5. Ben (verified owner)

    Great product, works as advertised, well made, easy setup, holds sling tight. Will be buying additional ones for other weapons.

  6. Ben (verified owner)

    This is a great product. Exactly as expected. Well designed, relatively light, stays out of the way, and very easy to hold sling. I’ll be buying more for other weapons. Currently on AR w/ 2-point Grovtec sling.

  7. Jordan (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the product although I do need an extension because I run a DDMK 12 and it’s a pretty fat rail but great quality will definitely be buying more

  8. Arthur (verified owner)

    Does what its described to do and does it perfectly, well worth it

  9. USBP

    Our firearms instructor (United States Border Patrol) purchased these for all of our M4A1’s in the armory. It’s so easy to show this and keep it clutter free in both in the armory as well as on patrol.

  10. Austin Gray (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it! Works great! Loved the handwritten notes thanking me for my purchase!

  11. Jonathan Jennings (verified owner)

    I run the sentry strap on every rifle. Makes sling organization nice and tidy and easy to deploy. Highly recommend!

  12. John Houston (verified owner)

    The Sentry Strap has become a must have for all of my carbines and rifles. Get one! Wolverines! ❤️🇺🇸

  13. Stephan (verified owner)

    I have purchased two Sentry Straps so far for both my AR’s and I believe they are the industry gold standard for sling retention. I think this blows range bands out of the water. Fits around the hand guard perfect and allowed you to store your sling forward instead of on the buttstock like how most people run ranger bands. I don’t even remember where I seen Sentry Strap but I always tell my friends and other shooters about it.

  14. craig varrone (verified owner)

    This thing is great, I wasn’t sure it would be able to handle my Slingster because the adjustment on the sling is bulky but the magnet and stretchy material used works perfect. I would definitely recommend!

  15. Leehunt (verified owner)

    I really like this product but the stitching on mine came apart within the first year.

    • Dusty Ball

      That would absolutely be covered under the warranty. Reach out to Customer service and we will for sure take care of you.
      – Dusty

  16. MS (verified owner)

    If you have a firearm with a sling on it then you need a Sentry Strap for it. Period. After you get one you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

  17. Tom (verified owner)

    Amazing. Great quality, low profile. A lot less bulky than I thought it would be with the magnets. Much easier and faster than ranger bands. I’m buying more for my other rifles.

  18. Paul Tortland (verified owner)

    Works perfectly! I bought 4 Sentry Straps, 3 for my AR platform long guns and 1 for my home defense shotgun. Just what I needed for staging the slings and keeping everything neat & organized when stored.

  19. Jon D. (verified owner)

    Fantastic edition to my rifle. Solid hold on the sling and has yet to release unless I want it to. Like the Neomag, top self product that did not disappoint.

  20. Aaron R (verified owner)

    If you work in LE you need this!!! This prevents the rifle sling from getting caught on everything in the patrol car when you need to deploy it quickly. The magnets are incredibly strong. They have just the right amount of retention until you pull on the sling to open it.. The magnet holding down the strap will reattach itself to the other magnet, when opening the sling, thus eliminating a piece of strap that could obscure your sight picture. I never write reviews, but this thing deserves it.

  21. Sean (verified owner)

    Great product and quality materials. I had previously made something similar for my rifles, but these blow my simple solution out of the water. I would like to see a version with a larger magnet (for the magnet that sits on the hand guard) as an additional option. It works really well though and I really like being able to case and remove my rifle without my sling flopping around or getting twisted. Also, if you are running suppressor sized hand guards or have and gas piston systems make sure to get the extension. The normal will work but it’s a tight fit. Great customer service too!

  22. Christopher Ausse (verified owner)

    I ordered the strap yesterday and it arrived today! When you have to move your rifle in and out of a car everyday for work, this product is perfect for keeping your sling secured. Thank you!

  23. Tommy (verified owner)

    The Sentry Strap is a simple yet very effective way to secure your sling. It’s a must for everyone with a sling IMO. Fast access when you need it with just as fast securement.

  24. Hunter (verified owner)

    The Sentry Strap is absolutely the best solution for avoiding snagging the sling sling on rifles that need to be deployed at a moments notice. If your rifle is for serious usage get one and use it.

  25. Andrew Uyeda (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Now able to store my AR15 in the safe with the sling left on. I use a magpul MS3 sling. Solid magnet hold.

  26. Hunter (verified owner)

    Great product! Ordered one to keep my sling attached during transport.

    Easy install and great customer service
    Great Christian company, even put a hand written note with a great message inside with my order. Do not hesitate you will not regret it!

  27. Eric Lane (verified owner)

    I just want to say strap in legit as they come and the company was awesome with shipping and even sent lots of stickers which i always love. Thanks again guys. Will recommend to anyone i come across.

  28. Jeff (verified owner)

    Just got the strap this week, so far it’s quality and fit has been great. As a patrol officer who regularly takes my rifle in and out of the cruiser rack it has been a great piece of kit.

  29. Jeff (verified owner)

    I have one on my AR Pistol, and I love it. I have a Sling on every AR I have. Getting them out of the safe each time was cumbersome because they would catch on the other gun’s grips. The Sentry Strap elimanated that. I also like to carry off body with an AR in a VERTX bag and it really helps by keeping the strap contained. Overall I would highly recommend this product. I just ordered two more to complete my collection.

  30. David Carey (verified owner)

    Ordered one to Canada…had lots of questions first that were answered within minutes…was refunded some of the original shipping costs because it came out cheaper than expected (shows how honest they are here!!!). Came fast, with some swag and a hand written thank-you letter!!! Top notch product, guys and service!!!

  31. Mac

    Just installed my new Sentry Strap on my CZ Scorpion Evo (pistol) with a side folding brace. Completely changes the game !!! It’s neat and tidy, but very fast to deploy… best addition I’ve made yet. Can’t wait to order these for my AR rifles next.

  32. Sam B (verified owner)

    I grabbed one and am going to put on on every gun I have with a sling. Even if you’re not storing your gun in a backpack or something like that, it keeps the slings from getting tangled on one another in the safe. Plus all your friends will think you’re a bad-ass when you pop your sling open with that satisfying *Thwap*.

  33. Robert Spino (verified owner)

    Finally got one. Works great. Extremely simple and innovative. Keeps the sling out of the way until needed. Love it

  34. Caleb

    I’ve tried multiple ways for sling management and this is the best so far. Running it on my 10.3 AR pistol in a gamut bag, it keeps it all nice and tight. Easy install and easy deployment.

  35. Billy H. Brown

    We got our Sentry Straps this weekend and put them to immediate use on our AR’s. To be able to stow or store the gun without the strap hanging in the way is awesome. Ran drills that included tasks like grabbing the rifle out of the car, moving around vehicles and running and the strap held tight. Easy to install and relocate if needed. NeoMag has hit a homerun with the Sentry Strap. I will be putting them on all my slinged rifles. I highly recommend this product.

  36. Charles Carlisle Jr (verified owner)

    I got one for my DB15 last release and it’s honestly one of my favorite accessories, if not my favorite! Functional, necessary and it looks great! Oh and the quality, ridiculously good!

  37. Max Highland (verified owner)

    Great quality. Great product. Great company. They nailed it with this design. The magnet retention system holds my sling in place until I need it, and goes back into position, and out of the way, every time. Will be ordering more

  38. Miguel Dilbert (verified owner)

    I have one on my AR pistol that I keep in a bag, one on my 14.5” and my wife has one on her 14.5”. I snagged my first one on the very first batch and have been using it ever since. I even took a two day Vehicle class this weekend replaying my AR Pistol with my Sentry strap and no matter how much the bag was thrown around, the rifle was being manipulated or anything the strap held my sling until I wanted to deploy it. Genius products.

  39. Cody Weaver (verified owner)

    Beautifully simple product that works very well, beats using rubber bands all day.

  40. Shrekthetoyhauler (verified owner)

    Absolutely blown away by the top tier quality of their products. These guys are going somewhere with the ingenuity and high quality of their products. I love my RASC and Sentry Strap and have had tons of people ask me where to get them.

  41. John Baratta baratta_run_n_gun (verified owner)

    Love mine. Need to order more for my other rifles. As always, top shelf product from top notch people. I can’t say enough about these guys and their products.

  42. Rob

    Awesome piece of gear. Keeps my slings neatly folded on my weapon and prevents it getting caught on other gear. Used on my weapons in my safe and on my duty rifle. Highly recommended.

  43. Wayne (verified owner)

    Great idea and application. I bought 3 and am planning to buy more when back in stock. Great product that works.

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