NeoMag FAQ

What is in a NeoMag?

Will the NeoMag work with my Glock Magazine?

Yes: OEM Glock magazines have a steel liner inside. The strong magnets on the NeoMag TypeG are able to hold through the polymer to the steel. Aftermarket magazines from Magpul and ETS Group magazines are all plastic and will not work.

What size NeoMag do I need?

Simple rule is Large for all .45 & 10mm, Medium for all 9mm, .40 and .357 Sig, and Small for all .380.  Watch this for more:

Do you offer a discount for military or LEO?

Please contact us directly from your issued email address or email a photo of your official ID before ordering.

This clip is really strong, how do I put it on?

With the magazine in or out of the NeoMag (your preference) place the edge of your pocket between the rubber pad and tip of the clip, “pinch” clip open. Push down. Pretty easy!

This magnet is crazy, will it ruin my cell phone or credit cards?

We have not had any issues ourselves or heard from anyone who has.

Will the NeoMag scratch up my magazine?

Yes, a little. We like to think of it more like “scuffing”. We have thousands of reloads from the NeoMag on our end and no major damage to report. We see more damage from dropping them, stepping on them, and kicking them when training.

My rubber dot came off. How do I get a new one?

Replacement of the Rubber Grip pads are covered under warranty, and are apart of expected maintenance. Click HERE to add them to your cart.