In the dynamic landscape of concealed carry, the traditional necessity of a belt is being reevaluated. Since modern, more casual clothing styles often don’t accommodate a traditional belt, the development of beltless holster options has become increasingly important.

This shift towards beltless holsters marks an important evolution in the realm of concealed carry, offering new possibilities for comfort, flexibility, and discretion.

Do you need a belt for concealed carry?

The answer, while traditionally a resounding “yes,” has evolved with advancements in holster technology and changes in fashion trends.

Traditional belted carry

Historically, a sturdy, somewhat bulky belt was essential for concealed carry. The main role of the belt was to provide a stable platform for the holster to keep the firearm securely in place. This was especially important for holsters designed to clip onto a belt to offer support and retention.

The shift towards beltless options

However, as clothing styles have changed and the demand for more flexible carry options has grown, the market responded with new solutions.

The rise of athleisure wear, for instance, has popularized garments like leggings and joggers. These clothing styles don’t always accommodate a traditional belt.

This shift has created the development of beltless concealed carry holster options.

A new era in concealed carry

Beltless holsters have become a game-changer, allowing individuals to carry firearms without worrying about shifting or sagging.

Beltless holsters use alternative attachment methods – like strong clips– to secure the holster directly to the waistband of the clothing. This advancement has opened up concealed carry possibilities for a wider range of outfits, uses, and carrying styles.

Advantages of Using Beltless Holsters

In the realm of concealed carry, beltless holsters represent a significant leap forward. They offer flexibility, comfort, and improved concealment that caters to diverse needs.

Flexibility in clothing choices

One of the standout benefits of beltless holsters is their flexibility in terms of clothing choices. No longer confined to outfits that accommodate a belt, wearers can integrate their concealed carry into a wider range of attire.

Whether it’s leggings for a quick trip to the store, joggers for a casual day out, or even more formal attire for special occasions, your beltless holster adapts.

For instance, our beltless holster receiver features ulti clips that allow you to easily remove your holster t from one outfit and clip it into another.

Enhanced comfort and ease of wear

Comfort is paramount in concealed carry, and beltless holsters excel in this area. By eliminating the need for a traditional belt, they reduce bulk and allow for a less restrictive fit.

This is especially important if you wear your concealed carry for extended periods. The ease of wear that beltless holsters provide ensures that carrying a firearm doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Improved concealment options

Different body types and clothing styles present unique concealment challenges. Beltless holsters offer versatile solutions that can adapt to various shapes and sizes.

Beltless holsters enhance your ability to conceal effectively under a wide range of outfits and maintain the element of surprise, a key aspect of effective self-defense.

Our beltless receiver offers the ability to adjust your holster’s ride height as well as the receiver size to accommodate whatever feels most comfortable to you.

Understanding the Alias Beltless Carry System and NeoMag

At NeoMag, we understand these evolving needs.

Our focus is on providing solutions that cater to this new era of concealed carry – where safety, performance, and convenience converge.

Whether you’re in athleisure wear heading to the gym or in more formal attire for a day at the office, our range of beltless concealed carry options ensures you’re prepared, comfortable, and safe.

Alias Beltless Holster System

The Alias System is a standout in the world of beltless holster systems for concealed carry, offering unmatched concealment and strength.

  • Belt-like stability: The Tegris material makes for a strong yet lightweight frame to give a wider and more stable platform to distribute the weight of your gun.  
  • Adaptable to various carry styles: The beltless holster system allows you to secure your holster in almost any position. Just unclip the UltiClip, slide the receiver over, and re-clip the UltiClip once you have your holster perfectly placed.
  • Enhanced concealment and comfort: Its design aids in keeping the gun closer to your body, offering better concealment with no visible holster clips.
  • Wide range of holster compatibility: It’s compatible with nearly all Kydex holsters that use standard holster clip styles. This compatibility ensures that you can maintain your preferred carry style​​​.
  • Adjustable sizing: We’ve designed our beltless receiver so you can move the UltiClip and shorten the receiver to fit your needs. All you need is a pair of scissors and to follow our suggested trim lines.
  • Changeable ride height: The Alias beltless receiver allows you to change the ride height of your holster whether it’s a bottom mount or top mount holster.


NeoMag Magnetic Pocket Magazine Holder

The NeoMag Pocket Magazine Holder is a compact, efficient tool designed for those who carry spare magazines.

  • Secure hold: It features a strong magnet that holds your magazine in place.
  • Discreet, quick access: It’s an ideal choice for concealed carry enthusiasts who prioritize readiness and minimalism.
  • Sleek design: The Magnetic Pocket Holder doesn’t add bulk to your pocket, maintaining a low profile while keeping your magazine at the ready.


Revolutionizing Concealed Carry with Beltless Holsters

No longer confined by the constraints of traditional belt-dependent carry methods, these innovative solutions cater to a modern lifestyle that values flexibility, comfort, and discretion.

Beltless holsters have bridged the gap between the necessity of carrying a firearm and the desire for seamless integration into diverse wardrobes. This evolution is more than a trend – it’s a reflection of the concealed carry community’s growing demand for adaptability and ease without compromising on safety and preparedness.

As the landscape of personal defense continues to evolve, NeoMag beltless holster system options stand at the forefront, ensuring that your journey in concealed carry is not only safe but also in harmony with your lifestyle and personal preferences.