When it comes to preparedness, gear is key. But, as seasoned gun owners know, it’s not just about having the right gear; it’s also about having the right mindset and training. 

As someone who’s been through a lot of training, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have quick and easy access to your spare magazines. That’s where the NeoMag magnetic magazine holder comes in.

Born from a desire to provide high-quality, American-made products that prioritize safety, performance, and convenience, NeoMag has established itself as a trusted name in the firearms community.

What Are Magazine Magnets?

A magnetic magazine holder is a device that uses strong magnets to securely hold your spare magazine in place. It’s designed to provide easy access to your spare magazine while allowing for a quick and smooth draw. 

You might think of it as a simplified version of the traditional magazine pouches or holsters you’ve seen, but with a more streamlined and discreet design.

How Does NeoMag’s Magnetic Magazine Holder Work?

NeoMag’s magnetic magazine holder has garnered high praise for its innovative design, durable materials, and superior performance. Let me break down the mechanics of this impressive piece of gear.

Powerful Magnet

At the heart of NeoMag’s magnetic magazine holder is a strong, neodymium magnet. This magnet is capable of securely holding even the heaviest of magazines, ensuring that your spare ammunition stays firmly in place, no matter how much you move around. 

The magnet’s strength also allows for a quick and smooth draw, enabling you to effortlessly access your spare magazine when you need it most.

Slim and Low-Profile Design

NeoMag’s holder is designed with a slim and low-profile form factor, making it an ideal choice for discreet carry. The compact design allows it to easily fit inside your pocket, with only the clip showing on the outside. This ensures that your spare magazine is always within arm’s reach, without drawing unwanted attention.

Durable Clip

The holder features a robust titanium steel clip that securely attaches to the inside of your pocket. This clip not only keeps the holder in place but also ensures that the magazine is positioned for an optimal draw angle. 

The clip’s durability and design provide peace of mind that your spare magazine will stay where it’s supposed to, even during high-pressure situations or vigorous movement.


NeoMag’s magnetic magazine holder is compatible with a wide range of magazine sizes and calibers, making it a versatile addition to any preparedness setup. Whether you carry a single-stack or double-stack magazine, this holder can accommodate it. 

The holder’s versatility extends to its use with various types of gear and clothing, making it a flexible option for different situations and preferences.

The Large NeoMag fits all .45ACP and Staccato C2/P magazines, the medium fits 9mm & .40S&W magazines and Small fits .380ACP.  Don’t worry about how “small my mag looks” it’s all based off the length of the ammunition. 

Easy Installation and Use

Using NeoMag’s magnetic magazine holder is a breeze. Simply “pinch” the clip open to attach the clip to your pocket, place your spare magazine against the magnet, secure it in place by pushing down, making sure to leave enough room for your thumb behind it so you can grab both sides of the magazine and draw quickly. The holder keeps your magazine securely in place, ready for quick access when you need it. 

It’s a simple yet effective solution for those who value preparedness and quick access to their spare ammunition.

NeoMag vs. Traditional Magazine Pouches

Transitioning from traditional magazine pouches to the NeoMag magnetic magazine holder may seem daunting, but understanding the differences can ease the process. Here’s a focused comparison:

  • Concealment: 
    • Traditional Pouches: Typically bulkier, pouches might print through clothing, revealing the presence of a spare magazine. 
    • NeoMag: Its slim and low-profile design ensures discreet carry in your pocket, virtually eliminating printing. 
  • Accessibility: 
    • Traditional Pouches: Depending on the design, some pistol magazine pouches require flaps to be undone or involve more steps like clearing your shirt or coat before accessing the magazine. 
    • NeoMag: Direct and quick access to the magazine is ensured without any barriers. You have been putting your hands in your pocket nearly all your life, it’s so simple.
  • Versatility in Carry Position: 
    • Traditional Pouches: Pouches are usually belt-mounted and might not offer as much flexibility in positioning. 
    • NeoMag: Can be clipped inside any pocket, offering diverse positioning options.
  • Adaptability to Different Magazine Types: 
    • Traditional Pouches: Some mag pouches are designed for specific magazine types and sizes, which can limit adaptability. 
    • NeoMag: Can accommodate a wide range of magazine sizes and calibers due to its magnetic mechanism. 
  • Aesthetics & Discreetness: 
    • Traditional Pouches: A magazine pouch is often more tactical in appearance, which might not be suitable for all settings. 
    • NeoMag: Offers a sleek and understated look, fitting seamlessly into both casual and more formal environments. The pocket clip is designed to look like a nice pen so as to not draw unwanted attention.
  • Ease of Installation: 
    • Traditional Pouches: Can sometimes involve more intricate setups like feeding your belt through loops or attaching with straps, loops, or MOLLE systems. 
    • NeoMag: Simplified clip-on mechanism allows for effortless installation and adjustments.  Simply “pinch” the clip to open it and get it started on the pocket, then push it the rest of the way.

What Size NeoMag Do I Need?

For those considering the NeoMag magnetic magazine holder, selecting the appropriate size is crucial for a secure fit. NeoMag offers a simple sizing guide that can help you make the right choice:

  • Small: .380 magazines
  • Medium: 9mm, .40, and .357 Sig magazines
  • Large: .45 & 10mm magazines as well as 2011/Staccato C2/P

hand comparing different neomag sizes

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your NeoMag magnetic magazine holder, regular maintenance and proper care are essential. Here’s a guide to help you keep your holder in prime condition:

Regular Inspection

Check the magnet for any signs of damage and make sure screws are tight. Examine the titanium steel clip to ensure it maintains its strength and springiness. If the rubber pad is missing under the tip we offer free replacements. https://theneomag.com/shop/replacement-rubber-pads/


Gently wipe down the NeoMag holder with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt, lint, or any debris. Seek Repairs of Replacements

If you notice significant damage, or any functional issues like a weak pocket clip, it might be time to consider a repair or replacement.

Training and Best Practices

Shooting and Weapons Training. Outdoor Shooting Range

For those committed to optimizing their preparedness and response times, integrating the NeoMag magnetic magazine holder into daily routines requires a combination of training and adherence to best practices. Here’s how to ensure you get the most out of your NeoMag:

Familiarization Drills

Before incorporating NeoMag into real-life scenarios, spend time familiarizing yourself with the feel and function of the product. This could mean practicing your draw from different positions or while moving. It’s crucial to build muscle memory for a seamless experience under pressure.

Optimal Positioning

While the NeoMag offers the flexibility to be placed in various positions, find the one that is most natural and accessible for you. Whether it’s the front pocket, rear pocket, or alongside your primary firearm, the key is consistent placement, ensuring your hand always knows where to reach.

Drawing Techniques

Practice drawing the magazine with both dominant and non-dominant hands. In certain situations, your dominant hand may be occupied or injured, so it’s valuable to be versatile in your draw technique.

Periodic Testing

Just as firearms need regular maintenance and checking, so does your NeoMag. Periodically check screw tightness and that the rubber dot is still under the clip tip, especially after heavy use or exposure to extreme conditions, to ensure optimal functionality.

The Future of Magazine Holders

Whether you’re a seasoned firearms enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of personal protection, NeoMag offers a fresh perspective on magazine storage, challenging the status quo and setting new standards for the industry. 

As with all gear, the true test lies in real-world application, and NeoMag confidently rises to the occasion, proving that sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most profound.