For concealed carry, every detail counts, especially when it comes to carrying extra ammunition. Enter the pocket magazine holder, a game-changing accessory that redefines preparedness and discretion for firearm enthusiasts. This essential tool, particularly exemplified by NeoMag’s innovative designs, brings a new level of efficiency, comfort, and stealth to concealed carry.

Why Carry a Spare Magazine in Concealed Carry?

Magazines are mechanical devices that can fail. A damaged or malfunctioning magazine can lead to feed failures, jams, or other issues that might render your firearm inoperable at a critical moment.

In the heat of a defensive situation, the fastest way to address a malfunction caused by a magazine issue is often to eject the problematic magazine and insert a spare one. This quick swap can be the difference in a life-threatening scenario.

What Is a Pocket Magazine Holder?

A pocket magazine holder is a specialized accessory designed for concealed-carry firearm enthusiasts. Its primary function is to securely hold an extra magazine in your pocket, ensuring that additional ammunition is readily accessible while maintaining discretion.

Benefits of Using a Pocket Magazine Holder

Carrying a spare magazine is an essential aspect of responsible concealed carry, ensuring you have additional ammunition if needed. A pocket magazine holder offers several key benefits that enhance the effectiveness and convenience of carrying an extra magazine. Here are some of the main advantages:


One of the primary benefits of a pocket magazine holder is the quick and easy access it provides. Located in your pocket, the magazine can be reached swiftly in an emergency, reducing reload time significantly.

Unlike other carrying methods that might require practice to master, retrieving a magazine from a pocket holder is intuitive and can be done with minimal training.


Pocket magazine holders are designed to be discreet. They minimize printing (the outline of the magazine showing through clothing), making it easier to carry a spare magazine without drawing attention.

The compact and slim design of pocket holders, especially magnetic ones like NeoMag’s, ensures they don’t add bulk, maintaining the principle of concealed carry.


Due to their small size and the way they sit in the pocket, these holders are generally more comfortable for all-day wear compared to other options that might be bulky or uncomfortable in certain positions.

By distributing the weight of the magazine in a pocket, these holders can reduce the strain on the waistband, which is particularly beneficial for those who carry multiple items on their belt.


A magazine holder protects the magazine from physical damage like dents or scratches, which could potentially interfere with its function. By securely holding the magazine in a holder, it minimizes exposure to dirt and debris, which can affect the magazine’s performance.

Enhancing Your IWB Mag Holster

An inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster provides a secure and concealed way to carry your firearm. It tucks the gun inside the waistband, offering comfort and easy access. Complementing the IWB holster, a pocket magazine holder like NeoMag ensures that extra ammunition is just as accessible and concealed.

Some IWB holsters come with built-in mag carriers, but these can sometimes add bulk. A separate pocket magazine holder offers a slim and versatile alternative. By using a separate magazine holder instead of an IWB magazine holster, carriers have more flexibility in positioning their spare ammo, based on comfort and accessibility.

Making the Right Choice: Magazine Holder Considerations

The right holder not only ensures quick and easy access to ammunition but also contributes significantly to your comfort and concealment.

Compatibility with Your Firearm Magazine

The beauty of the NeoMag is how universal it is. 3 sizes cover every popular caliber magazine.

The Large NeoMag fits .45ACP, 10mm, and 2011 magazines, The Medium fits 9mm and .40S&W, and the Small NeoMag fits .380.  Because the NeoMag does not wrap around the magazine it does not matter if it’s single stack or double stack magazine.

Yes, the NeoMag DOES work with Glock magazines! Glock magazines have a steel liner under the layer of polymer.  Our Type G NeoMag has two magnets to give extra holding strength to Glock magazines.

We’ve designed the NeoMag with Black Nitride steel for durability, a titanium clip for longevity, and neodymium magnets for unparalleled retention. This all means your magazine will stay put in your pocket but also slide out when you need it.

Comfort and Concealment

Since you’ll be wearing it for extended periods, the holder should not chafe or pinch. Comfort often ties into the design and material. The holder should not print excessively on your clothing. Slim and low-profile designs like those offered by NeoMag are preferable for better concealment.

Ease of Access and Retention

In a critical situation, you should be able to access the magazine effortlessly. Test how easily you can draw the magazine from the holder. Secure retention is crucial.

Magnetic holders provide a strong grip on the magazine, ensuring it stays in place yet is easy to draw when needed.

With NeoMag, we use neodymium magnets – some of the strongest magnets available – for secure retention. Plus, the rubber pad under the clip will ensure stability and prevent the holder from shifting during magazine withdrawal.

NeoMag: Optimize Your Concealed Carry Setup

NeoMag’s magnetic magazine holder stands out with its unique design. The use of strong magnets to secure the magazine in place is a game-changer, offering unparalleled retention and ease of access.

The holder’s sleek and compact design ensures it fits seamlessly into any pocket without adding bulk, maintaining the ethos of true concealment. NeoMag’s holders work with all single and double-stack magazines, making them versatile for various firearms.

NeoMag’s confidence in their product is reflected in their manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind to users.

Enhanced Concealed Carry Solutions

From providing quick access to extra ammunition to ensuring a discreet and comfortable carry, pocket magazine holders like NeoMag’s stand out as essential gear.

With options tailored for various calibers, and designs focused on durability and ease of use, they offer added convenience, safety, and preparedness.