There are other pocket magazine holders on the market but one of the biggest concerns I have with them is how easy they can come out of the pocket.  Having a device stuck to your magazine will make it difficult if not impossible to get the magazine in your gun.  So we very purposely bend our titanium pocket clips so they are very strong.  The NeoMag staying put in your pocket is really important and the strong clip is your friend.  Over time the clip will loosen up a little and become easier to open, (or your finger muscles will bulk up and it will seem easier!).  The other thing that helps the NeoMag stay put is the rubber dot.  If your rubber dot ever comes off we always offer free replacements, click HERE to order.  I’ll do another blog and video soon showing the best way to replace the clip and make sure it stays put.  For now, let’s focus on how to easily open up that clip and get it in your pocket.

I have had customers say they use tools like a screwdriver or pliers to open the clip, this really is not needed. I see a lot of people try and use their finger nail to pry open the end of the clip.  This is a great way to loose a finger nail, DO NOT do this.

The best way to get the clip open to put over the pocket is using the pinch method.  Put your thumb and index finger tip along side the end of the clip and then pinch and use leverage to open the clip up.  You only need it open as much as the material is on your pocket, move the clip over the pocket and let go.

Now you can simply push the NeoMag down the rest of the way until fully seated.

To remove the NeoMag I hook my index finger under the bottom of the NeoMag and pull it straight up and out of the pocket.

If you want to watch a quick video of this you can click on the image below!

This method should eliminate any wear and tear on the edge of the fabric of your pants.  I have pants that are over 5 years old with a lot of NeoMag use and do not have any frayed edges.  Remember the NeoMag has a lifetime warranty.  If you have any issues with your pocket clip and would like us to take a look at it don’t ever hesitate to reach out to our customer service.  You can email [email protected] with your questions.  Does this help you?  What other questions do you have about your NeoMag or other products of ours?

Thanks friends, I hope you have a great day.  Carry on!