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NeoMag is designed specifically for
metal magazines. 

For Glock Magazines, we recommend the NeoMag Type G.


Click Here For Type G


Sizing is simple

  • Choose the caliber of your gun
  • Pick your clip length and color
    • Regular ( For a standard magazine base )
    • Extended. ( For extended magazines or deeper concealment )
  • Works with all Single and Double stack magazines

Sizing Exceptions:

  • For Metal Mags
  • Wilson Combat 9mm single stack choose Large
  • Check Springfield XD magazine to make sure they are magnetic
  • STI 9mm mags need a size large Type G NeoMag.
  • Does not fit Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ
Other Details:
  • Material: Blacknitride Steel
  • Clip: Titanium
  • Magnets: Neodymium
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Manufactures Warranty

27 reviews for NeoMag

  1. Trevor E. (verified owner)

    The NeoMag is one of those things you think about like “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?!” It has absolutely changed how I carry as I no longer have a spare mag bouncing around in my pocket with my keys. It is 100% worth every penny, and the fact that it’ll work with multiple brands makes it that much better.

    Thanks for make by an amazing product.

  2. Cody Weaver

    Works as advertised, never had a magazine slip out of the carrier or the carrier slip out of my pocket. Clip is strong, and the finish has held up well.

  3. David Kindred (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery. Sturdy, well built product. Love the personal handwritten note with the scripture. What kind of company does this? One that I see myself buying from again. Thanks guys!

  4. Apex Shooting and Tactics

    I was fortunate enough to have one of the early Proto types and fell in love with it. Since then I have several NeoMags and have at least one in use everyday. We also keep them on hand to loan out during handgun classes. One of the best every day carry pieces of equipment someone can own.

  5. Jonathan Spencer

    Excellent device. Needed some way to carry my small Bodyguard .380 magazine, and this was the ticket. Looks like a small knife clipped on my pocket. Genius!

  6. Kyle

    Bought 2, one for my 9mm and one for my 45. Great product that works quite well and conceals y mags very nicely. Love these things

  7. Miguel Dilbert

    It’s one of those items that looks cool but you keep putting off buying, then when you finally have one you beat yourself up for putting it off so long. Quick shipping, great service and the NeoMag works great. With a little practice you can be lighting fast with your reloads from your pocket! Couldn’t be happier with the product. If you’re still on the fence don’t be like me and wait, order one now!

  8. Aburd

    Before I discovered neomag I would carry an extra mag when it was convenient with certain pants/shorts. Now that I have neomag there is not a single day I don’t carry an extra mag with me. I highly recommend neomag if your tired of a magazine flopping around in the bottom of your pocket.

  9. Josh

    The Neomag is simply the best spare magazine concealed carry option. It’s durable, versatile, and affordable. I love the fact that I can use one neomag for all my different 9mm platforms!

  10. Billy Barton – SpecTrain

    The Neomag is undoubtedly the best way to carry a spare magazine in a pocket. It keeps the mag securely oriented facing the right direction and in a consistent position, while offering no resistance to the draw.

  11. Brian

    Hands down the best way to carry a spare magazine discreetly. If only every firearm accessory was this well engineered and executed.

  12. Caleb

    Took a minute to get used to the reload, but it is surprisingly smooth once you get used to it. The quality is second to none. I’ve recommended it to multiple friends who think carrying an extra mag is a hassle. Low profile and doesn’t get in the way. Solid job y’all.

  13. Zach Biel

    One of the best pieces of kit you’ll buy, period. It’s truly modular. I use my single 9/40 neomag with all of my EDC guns, even the 380.
    I love that I don’t need to buy firearm specific mag pouches anymore. One neomag for all.

  14. Alexamber Whitney (verified owner)

    Use for carry at work. Securiry and part time at a restaurant as a chef works great at both places. Reccomend to anybody looking to conceal the fact they hav a firearm by having an OWB mag or a sidecar type holster. 5 stars for life.

  15. Joshua Bressel

    One of the best firearms accessories I’ve ever used for CCW. Holsters are common, and people are always trying to perfect the best way to concealed carry a handgun, but so often, mags are overlooked. This is the best way to carry a mag, concealed, that I’ve ever used. No more mags in the bottom of my pocket, fighting for space with my wallet.

  16. Sean E

    Neo Mag is an awesome EDC tool. I carry a Sig P365 and with the neo mag i can still carry an extended mag in my pocket with great concealment. Awesome product

  17. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Works great with my double stack mags. I have trained with the Neo Mag and put it to the test. Ran through some moving and shooting training with reloading and malfunction clearing ect. Mag stayed attached to the clip throughout the training when it needed to be.
    Will purchase another for my .45!
    Thanks Neo Mag!

  18. Aaron Davis

    Ive carried my NeoMag everyday for a little over a year now and I love it. It’s probably one of the best EDC products I’ve ever bought.

  19. Charlie Casey (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it!!! Should have bought it a long time ago!!! Will definitely come back and buy more for more handguns!!

  20. Andrew Gibson (verified owner)

    I was shown these in a active shooter class and was very impressed. I use one everyday as I do not like holsters with an extra mag pouch. I have bought two and will be getting more for me and as gifts.

  21. Rich Leal

    This product works great my only Complaint I mean my “only”complaint is that I wear black pants and I would really like you guys to have a deep pocket clip that is black and not just stainless steel,I believe you have this option for the standard size clip I wish in the future that you guys would have this option for the extended Belt clip

  22. Ronnie Warren

    This company truly has their shit together to work right when you order to make sure you get your product as fast as possible. One of my favorite businesses to deal with if not my first favorite!!! I will forever continue to buy from neomag. They are amazing and awesome people good job guys keep up the work!! Thanks for everything

  23. Fernando (verified owner)

    Just received the NeoMag clip which I will be using for H&K VP9 SK magazines. I ordered the extended clip since my mags have the pinky extension on them. This is a perfect fit! The magazine is held in place securely and only comes out if I reach in and pull it. Very simple idea that provides additional magazine capacity in an extremely concealed package. The team at NeoMag shipped it immediately after placing the order online and received it withing 4 days. Quality is top notch… made in the USA!

  24. Rod Kaser (verified owner)

    I purchased a neomag holder and a sentry strap. Both are of great quality and function as advertised. I have more input on the neomag as I carry it everyday now. Ingenious design that actually works. Since I carry my weapon iwb I used to carry my extra mag owb. (Too much inside the waistband was uncomfortable for me) Now I can carry comfortably even while wearing a light shirt. Worth the money. Thanks guys for making a great product.

  25. Kelly

    Before I went to war my Grandfather, who had served in WWII as an Infantryman, told me to carry as much ammo as I could and still be able to maneuver and advance forward at a run. I’ll never forget that so now as a civilian I carry several mags, NeoMag is an ingenious device that keeps my mags in order for rapid reloads. NeoMag is perfection, ingenious, reliable, it’s a device you just can’t do without once you’ve used it! I’ll never be without NeoMag again!

  26. Adam (verified owner)

    The NeoMag is a great product. The NeoMag is ran by great people. What else is there to say? 5/5 Stars.

    If you want to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best, the NeoMag is the best tool for that job.

  27. Jeremy Horn

    My Neomag showed up on Monday and I have worn it for the last few days. I love this thing, so discrete and comfortable to wear. I even forget I have the mag in my pocket its that comfortable. Thanks for a great product.

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