NeoMag Type G is designed specifically for
a stronger hold on Glock magazines. 

We do not recommend to use the Type G on steel magazines.


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Sizing is simple

  • Choose the caliber of your gun
  • Pick your clip length and color
    • Regular ( For a standard magazine base )
    • Extended. ( For extended magazines or deeper concealment )
  • Works with all Single and Double stack magazines

Sizing Exception:

  • Glock OEM Magazines work!  ETS and Magpul do not
  • STI 9mm Mags need a large size
Other Details:
  • Material: Blacknitride Steel
  • Clip: Titanium
  • Magnets: Dual Neodymium
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Manufactures Warranty

16 reviews for NeoMag TYPE G

  1. Austin Renfroe (verified owner)

    Works extremely well, the additional magnet really holds the heavier double stack magazines very securely. I’m incredibly happy I pre-ordered the Type-G, I won’t leave home without it!

  2. Austin Renfroe (verified owner)

    The new Type G works flawlessly! The additional magnet really helps support the additional weight of a double stack magazine. I won’t be leaving home without my Type G in my pocket.

  3. Ryan Gallant

    How do you improve on perfection? I don’t know but you guys have done it!! I have 3 Neomags and carry one every day, the Type G snaps onto Glock mags and holds them what feels like 5x better than the original and the original is awesome. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Max (verified owner)

    They nailed it with the type G! I just did jumping jacks with the neomag type G in my jeans and the mag did not budge, 2 STRONG magnets make this the perfect way to carry a second magazine in your edc!

  5. Rungunz1

    The best addition to my EDC. Hold on to the mag super well and performs as well as the original. Neo mag is always solving problems!

  6. Albert Bahr (verified owner)

    Amazing exactly what the Glock mags needed!

  7. Kiley W. Rice (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with the Type G! I got mine thru the pre-order. Very securely holds my G19 mags (way better than the original one magnet holder which I’ve transitioned to strictly carry my Shield mags) but still allows for smooth retrieval during a mag change. If you’re waiting to purchase it, stop. Buy the thing…you won’t regret it!

  8. Vinh (verified owner)

    The original NeoMag was already a brilliant product. The Type G is a great improvement for Glock mags. It holds Glock mags securely when you don’t need the mag while still allowing quick and easy access to the mag when you do need it. I highly recommend this product.

  9. Nick (verified owner)

    Ordered the Type G with extended clip for a Glock 43 mag with a +3 extension. Holds very well, however because of the extension the mag will not be fully hidden in pocket with extended clip. A regular mag and +2 mag is hidden, +3 is too big.

  10. Andrew Aguirre (verified owner)

    Great, I repeat GREAT customer service. Will be doing business again. These things are built like tanks. I live in a slave state and use g 19 10 rnd mags. Very strong, These are a great extra mag option for the minimalist. I will be doing business again with NeoMag. Thanks guys

  11. Brent Harrison (verified owner)

    Got this to carry an extra mag for my concealed Glock 43. The extended version fits perfect with my Hyve +2 mag extension

  12. Fernando (verified owner)

    I ordered the NeoMag clip for Glock 42 magazines. I got the extended clip since my mags have the +1 pinky extension on them. Although I received a clip with one magnet (picture shows 2 magnets for the type G), the mag is held in place securely. This is a nice addition to my EDC since .380’s usually have low capacity mags. This option provides additional magazine capacity in an extremely concealed package.

  13. Emery Red (verified owner)

    I bought the original Neomag and it worked awesome with metal mags but not enough hold for the Glock mags. The Type G has the power to hold… American made with a lifetime warranty? What more could you ask for? Yes it seems a little expensive but the quality and materials used makes it worth every penny.

  14. Joshua Bressel (verified owner)

    Absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Best way yet, I’ve found, to hold a spare mag for my EDC Glock!!!!!

  15. Dave (verified owner)

    This thing is excellent. Should last a lifetime of regular use. Keeps my mag securely within reach where i need it. The minimalist design is perfect for my needs. No reason not to carry a spare mag when its this easy. Zero complaints. Keep up the good work.

  16. Tommy (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to finally get a NeoMag. What a super easy, simple mag carrier that disappears in your pocket. It stays in place, yet deploys with ease when you need it, genius.

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