How To Draw Your Gun FAST

We all should be striving to be better at the important things in life.  For many of us conceal carrying a handgun for protection is one of those important things.  But becoming better means putting the work in, and dry fire can do a lot to get us better.  I want to share how I practice a fast, clean draw.

Make sure your gun is unloaded and ammo is in a different room.  You will need a par timer, or par timer app.  Set a delay and choose a par time to start with.  Your goal should be a half a second but if that’s too fast, start with more time and work your way down.  If a half second is too slow, speed it up! This works with appendix or hip carry.

I break my draw down to two movements.
Part 1: Clear & Grab
Part 2: Draw & Sights


Part 1: Clear & Grab

Practice clearing your garment and getting a grip on your gun before the par time beep.  You can’t have a good draw without this!  Notice I’m grabbing my shirt with my hand going North to South and bunching my shirt up then pulling upward.

Part 2: Draw & Sights

With the same par time, start with your hand on the gun and other hand on your shirt, now draw your gun.  As the gun comes up marry your support hand into a good grip, begin a trigger press, and bring the sights/dot to your eyes.  Your goal is to acquire your sights BEFORE the beep.  Getting the gun up is not the goal, getting the gun up and finding your sights is the goal.  I’m not too worried about breaking the trigger with this drill.

Put It Together!

Once you can do both parts in a half second, set your par time to 1 second, and work on the whole draw.  Set up your phone and video your self doing this.  You will learn a lot by watching your draw and look for extra movement you can get rid of and other things that could be slowing you down.  This is a very broad lesson to help you work on getting better.  Play around with the process and adapt if you need to.  You can add movement like side stepping, walking or even running.

Find a good instructor to work with nearby that can be with you and help you.  Having a coach and instructor is imperative to being a better defender.

The more you do holster work the more you will find having a good holster, belt & holster clip is the foundation to a good draw.  Our Alias system is designed to be extremely rigid and attach to YOUR holster and a quality carry belt.  Check out the Alias System to help improve your draw.