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Unparalleled Concealment, Strength & Modularity

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Receiver w/ Belt Brackets

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The ultra low-profile Alias receiver comes with steel brackets to securely and discreetly attach to most tactical 1-1/2" belts at or under .2" thick.

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Receiver w/ Hard Mount

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The ultra low-profile receiver comes attached to a steel offset bracket that you can attach to locations such as a vehicle, night-stand, desk, etc. Hardware is not included.

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Hook & Loop Receiver

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Add a receiver to the inside of your gun safe, tactical back pack, back side of your vehicle seats or anywhere that has a loop surface

MOLLE Receiver

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Expand the modularity of your Alias system with the MOLLE Receiver. Attach the receiver to MOLLE webbing on your favorite gear to easily and securely attach items.

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Beltless Receiver

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No belt, no problem!" The Alias Beltless Receiver uses (2) Ulticlips and Tegris material to give you "belt-like" stability while retaining the ability to use your holster with a belt and our other modular receivers.

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Top Mount Holster Clip

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The steel top mount holster clip replaces FOMI style holster clips. The clip can be mounted flush or standoff 1/4" using the included hardware. The slots allow the top mount clip to fit hole spacing ranging from 1/2" to 1" on center. Some hardware included.

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Bottom Mount Holster Clip

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The bottom mount holster clip replaces other plastic or metal bottom mount/vertical holster clips that require 2 screws. The slot in the aluminum bar allows for an incredible amount of ride height adjustment and rigidity. The bottom mount clip has the ability to allow you to tuck your shirt in when carrying and not have a visible holster clip. Some hardware included.

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Tenicor Holster Clip

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The Tenicor holster clip replaces the clip on Tenicor brand kydex holsters. The aluminum bar has double slot spacing to allow for ride-height and cant adjustment. The bottom mount clip has the ability to allow you to tuck your shirt in when carrying and not have a visible holster clip. Some hardware included.

Hybrid Holster Clip

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The Hybrid holster clip has several uses. The hybrid clip can be used on holsters such as Stealthgear and Crossbreed where there is only one screw attachment point on the clip. The hybrid clip can also be used on knife sheaths. Some hardware included.

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Hardware Pack

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All of our holster clips include some hardware but there may be another way you want to assemble your holster. This pack includes several lengths of screws and posts as well as spacers to help get just the right fit.

Bottom Mount Holster Clip

Step 1: Attach Holster Clip

-Replaces your existing holster clip

-Engineered for incredible strength.

-The most ride height adjustability on the market!

*Top Mount fits holsters with holes on 7/8”-1” center
Materials: Anodized aluminum & steel locking tip

Top Mount Holster Clip

Receiver w/ Belt Brackets

Step 2: Attach Receiver

-Mounted receiver makes for an incredibly rigid holster attachment

-Holster “click locks” into receiver for an incredibly secure attachment

-Attach to 1.5” Conceal Carry belts for ultimate concealability and security.

-Attach to hard surface to conveniently stow your gun

Materials:  Anodized 7075 aluminum, spring loaded steel lock

Receiver w/ Hard Mount

Holster & Belt Attachment

Step 3: Click Holster Into Receiver

-Modular: Move your gun without unholstering!

-Security: Holster is locked in place!

-Concealable: No visible holster clip!

-Backed by lifetime warranty!

Holster & Hard Mount Attachment


Reverse Receiver Safety

Receiver Belt Setup

Top Mount Holster Clip

Bottom Mount Holster Clip

Hard Mount Bracket

MOLLE Receiver

14 reviews for Alias

  1. Kyle O. (verified owner)

    Flat out the Alias is an amazing product! I wish I purchased sooner, 2 receivers fit perfect on my Nexbelt Supreme Appendix belt, 2 bottom mount clips provide beyond excellent retention for my T1C Axis Elite & low profile construction makes concealing even more discreet.

    Bottom line is Alias system is an absolute must have, you wont be disappointed.

    • Graig Davis

      Thanks for the good word!

  2. Justin

    Phenomenal piece of kit. Extremely easy to get set up, sturdy, high quality manufacturing. Highly recommend Alias to enhance your carry.

  3. Christopher Pampolina

    I carry everyday at work and wanted a good way to be able to tuck in without a black plastic clip showing. When the alias came out I immediately purchased it and it has not left my belt! This is an amazing product as well as an amazing company!! Buy one you will not regret it!

  4. Loy Donaldson (verified owner)

    5 stars even though the hybrid holster clip wasn’t compatible with my Crossbreed Reckoning without modifications. I’m keeping it for a future holster. The clip is solidly built, as the attachment system. The clip to receiver connection is smooth and once they’re together, you have a very stable system on your belt. Unlike belt clips, removal is easy and relatively intuitive. Highly recommend this system for those wanting a stable platform for EDC.

  5. Johnny Pinuelas

    Quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread. The alias holster retention system has served me wonderfully. From advances in conceal ability to one handed removal operation. Furthermore the company has answered all my inquiries and continues to share experiences to enhance the enjoyability of the product. Thank you.

  6. John E Swistak (verified owner)

    I have 3 of your ALIASES and they are outstanding!
    I take my holster off my ALIASES and attach it to my ALIAS attached to my Night Stand holster. I’m ready for anything that goes bump in the night.
    What a great concept! I also have the ALIAS attached to the velcro. I use that in my VERTX BAG. Works great. Pistol never has to leave the holster. Makes it very safe to use. What a great product and great customer service! I have three ALIASES.

  7. Nathan M.

    The Alias is an awesome system! Mounts to the Trayvax belt with no issues if that’s what you wear daily. Love that it can be moved from your person to the vehicle also. Overall awesome USA made product that works. Support small business! The only feedback is that the “lockup” between the two pieces could be a bit more “tight” however I think this is going to be a bit of a challenge to do based on the thin “spring” like metal that goes to the holster. I would buy the products again and have others from NEOMAG.

  8. Caleb cates

    I have had an alias for a couple months now and its absolutely amazing! I am required by work to be fully tucked and concealed. I have been asked numerous times if I’m ever carrying. I am impressed at the quality of construction and craftsmanship. I also want to not the absolutely top notch customer service. I was messing with the recievers (I own two recievers and two clips) and list a spring. I emailed and within days they sent me not only a replacement spring but multiple! The alias system is absolutely perfect for bar none the best concealment you can get!

  9. William Bursley Jr (verified owner)

    I use the alias system on my belt, for the car, and in my off body carry bag. It allows me to use the same holster for all three. Great design and secure retention! Neomag knocked it out of the park!

  10. Matt Molnar (verified owner)

    The best versatile mechanism for holsters yet. I have bought 4 and 2 with the hook and loop. Can’t get any better than that. You guys are killing it!

  11. Graham Washbourne (verified owner)

    I ordered a selection of ALIAS products….2x hard mount, 1x Belt mount and 1x holster mount. Shipping was ultra fast ! The products are really well made, function perfectly and are a superb method of wearing and transferring your holstered firearm to & from multiple places. With the particular ALIAS items I purchased, I can wear my firearm on body, to a vehicle mount then onto a custom made backpack mount. I’ve been looking for something that would allow me to have these firearm mounting options, now ALIAS from Neomag give me exactly that !….great job NeoMag 👍

  12. Cody T.

    This has been game changing for my EDC. I’ve tried multiple other clips (I won’t mention them here), but they all had too much movement when they were on my belt. My draw would be at different angles depending on if the wing on my holster was above or below my belt. The rigidness of the alias keeps the holster in the same place no matter how I move. I started with one and ended up placing a second order for three more after spending one day with the alias. Don’t make the same mistake that I did and only buy one if you have multiple holsters. It would be interesting to see if they could come up with a new clip for OWB carry using the same receiver.

  13. Daniel

    Any plans on one that will work with 1.75” belt?

    • Dusty Ball

      We have plans to make a version that works with 1.75″ belts. No ETA at this time.

  14. jiman01 (verified owner)

    I’ve been a Neomag owner for a while now. It started with TAD gears run of the mag holders and then the trays. Everything they make is well thought out and extremely well made.

    The Alias is another well executed design that in some ways changes the legacy way of attaching a gun to your belt. I received my order a few days ago and normally I’d wait 6 months to a year before submitting a review, but this thing is so well made and stout that I feel confident, baring the release spring breaking or something small, a review now won’t be any different from a year from now.

    The key to success IMO with the Alias is going to be the correct placement of the belt mount on your body. The mount although thin in profile as you’re looking at the belt from the front (I.e. looking in the mirror), does sit between the belt and your pants. Said another way, the mount pushes your belt away from the body/pants, and if not placed correctly with your body type can cause a bulge just like plastic clips can…it’s just that the bulge isn’t created by clips, it’s created by the belt because there’s an Alias mount behind there.

    At first this was kind of a buzz kill, because I felt my soft loops concealed better. But the security of the belt mount design was so great/secure that I had to figure out a way to minimize the bulge. YMMV, but I replaced my holsters “wing claw” with an Alias bottom clip plus a few spacers. What would normally push out in the form of the wing-claw to tuck the pistol grip closer to the body was replaced by the belt mount.

    Now my holster conceals just as well as it did before but is much, much more secure to the belt, tuckable, with no visible clips, loops, or straps.

    One last thing that I didn’t really realize from the videos….if you have any doubts about the bottom mount clips being easily bent or any concern about there durability, don’t. The bottom mount clips are thick. I compared the thickness to my Chris Reeves Sebenza and Hinderer XM-18 3.5 knives and the clip thickness is almost as thick as the XM and every bit as thick as the Sebenza blade. IMO, if you ever get into a weapons retention fight with someone, your belt will tear or your kydex holster will crack before the Alias mount comes off.

    That’s all folks, thanks for reading. Be safe and train like your life depends on it.

    • Dusty Ball

      Thank you for writing such a detailed review. We are still learning how to teach others about the Alias. What you have said is very helpful. We take pride in making great long lasting products, it means a lot to me that you like the product.


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