The Alias system is back with an upgrade – the new V2 hard mount, designed to offer the same versatility as the V1 hard mount while incorporating a few tweaks to accommodate the new Alias belt system. Here’s a dive into what the new V2 hard mount brings to the table and how it seamlessly integrates with the Alias belt system.


A Closer Look at the V2 Hard Mount

The V2 hard mount retains the core advantage of the V1; the ability to attach it to any surface of your choice. However, a significant change was needed to ensure compatibility with the new Alias belt system adapters, which now come with a support plate on the back.

Unlike the old hard mount, the new design provides room to fit the support plate behind the hard mount receiver, making it a better fit for the upgraded Alias belt system.

Features and Installation

The V2 hard mount continues to serve as a reliable platform to secure your firearm or other accessories whether inside your vehicle, on your nightstand, or any other place you deem fit.

One notable addition is the availability of a MOLLE adapter kit. This kit comprises two plates with threaded holes, two bolts, and a thin plate, facilitating a hassle-free installation on a gray man panel or similar setups.

Here’s a quick installation guide:

  • Mounting on a Panel:
    • Position the adapter plates with threaded holes through the panel.
    • Determine the orientation of the holes based on your desired mount direction (horizontal, vertical, or 45-degree angle).
    • Place the hard mount receiver over the top, align the holes, and tighten it down to the panel.
  • Accessory Attachment:
    • Once the hard mount is securely fastened, you can attach any of your Alias accessories to it, enjoying a vertical or 45-degree angle setup based on your preference.

Versatile Mounting Options

The V2 hard mount is not just limited to a standard panel; it also works well with other truck panels, expanding its utility to the back of your truck or any other space compatible with a MOLLE panel.

Final Thoughts

The V2 hard mount is a testament to the continuous evolution of the Alias system, striving to offer more compatibility, modularity, and convenience to its users.

As always, the NeoMag team encourages feedback and queries. Feel free to drop a comment below or reach out to customer service on the website for any assistance.

The journey towards a more adaptable and convenient carry system continues, and the V2 hard mount is a significant step forward in that direction. Have a great day!