If you are reading this blog I’m going to assume that you carry items on you every day that you believe can save your life or the life of another innocent person.  We spend a lot of money on firearms, ammo, training and EDC gear because we are continually looking for the best way to be prepared.  The NeoMag brand began because I was looking for the best way to carry a spare magazine because I believe it’s a good idea to have in a worst case scenario.  In my years of training medical care comes up over and over again.  The odds of needing a firearm or a spare mag are much less than someone needing medical attention.  Yet many of us neglect medical training and carrying medical gear.  Many of us are more than willing to carry medical gear, but actually carrying it in a comfortable and concealable way is hindering us.  Thankfully there are some really smart companies who have ideas and then follow through on creating a method to carry medical.

Earlier this year I wrote about my summer daily carry and the struggle of finding a good med kit solution.  After writing that blog I turned back to a med kit I have owned for years; The Live The Creed EDC Pocket Trauma Kit.  It’s not the perfect med kit solution, but its contents are potentially life saving. Or, at the very least will make you the hero dad/mom when your kid cuts themselves open.  As LTC says “The only gear that matters during an emergency is the gear on you.”

First, let’s look at the practicality of its size and carry-ability.  The pouch when loaded up measures 5.5″H x 3.5″D x 1.25″ Wide and weighs a half a pound.  This little pouch has rotated in my carry for years.  I’ll be honest, its a little bigger than I want to keep it in my pocket all the time.  Even with cargo shorts in the cargo pocket it swings around more than I like.  Now and then I will put it in my back pocket if I’m going somewhere I’ll be standing all day like the county fair for example.  Often in situations like a field trip with my kid or something I’ll put it in a fanny pack.  I have one of these in my mountain bike backpack.  I wanted something compact and light-weight so this little pack was exactly what I needed.  What I love about it is that it’s just so simple to grab and stuff in a small bag or purse.

Now let’s look at its contents.  The first three things I have never needed, thank God; SWAT-Tourniquet, QuickClot Bleeding Control Dressing and Tan XL Nitrile Gloves.  I know what you’re thinking “A SWAT T is a poor tourniquet, blah blah blah!”  I don’t disagree there are much better TQ’s.  But when we look at the mission purpose and size requirements of this kit it’s really the best solution.  The SWAT T with training can be used as at TQ and be used for many other things.  THIS VIDEO dives deeper into the SWAT-T.  You may want to swap the XL gloves out for another pair that fit you better.  I actually doubt I’m going to take the time to put gloves on in a situation where someone is bleeding out quickly, but I get why they are included.  LTC say that a pair of Hyfin Compact Chest Seals will fit.  I’ll absolutely be adding this to mine.

The Micro First Aid Kit is where this really begins to shine.  These items are actual every day injury kinds of items.  I have restocked this little baggie several times over and added a few more items.  It comes with a couple bandaids, Wound closure strips, Iodine wipe, Alcohol wipe and some Bacitracin ointment.  If you have kids you will be restocking this little bag weekly.  Some things I added: Tylenol, Aspirin, small gauze squares.  These are items that will easily hold you over until you get home and won’t ruin the day while you’re out.  I’m really just looking for something to clean up and get my self or my kid to my vehicle med kit or a first aid station.

This is the first medical item we have added to our website.  It’s been tested by me for years and I believe it is something our customers would find valuable.  You can click LTC EDC Pocket Trauma Kit to be taken to it to purchase today.  What other EDC type of medical items would you like to see us carry?