Pirate Tray


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"X" marks the spot and you have the key, turn to unlock the hidden pirate booty! 

Tray includes: We partnered with Mutiny Metals to include one of their amazing stamped pure copper coins that we have given a slight patina to resemble sitting underwater for some period of time. Additionally, the tray comes with a stainless steel skull bottle opener keychain that also acts as the key for the coins hiding place.  The pivoting brass pistol storage rod with barrel stop.  Tray inserts are made using a soft 2mm neoprene bonded to durable squadron Cordura donning the Jolly roger.

100% made in USA. This tray is machined from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum and has a black cerakote finish.  The brass rod, copper coin, and skull bottle opener keychain are included with each tray.

Only 20 of these trays were produced and are laser engraved with their individual numbers. Once they are sold out, they are gone forever.

Trays will ship in 5-7 business days.


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