Leather Bottom EDC Tray


This everyday carry tray (also known as a valet tray, or EDC tray) is designed to carry your wallets, keys, and other accessories.

  • EDC trays machined from 6061 Aluminum in-house and measure 9" x 11".
  • Trays are finished with Cerakote ceramic coating
  • Premium water buffalo leather inserts with heavy stitching and carbon fiber inserts
  • Includes hand bent brass handgun hanger with adjustable stop.

9 reviews for Leather Bottom EDC Tray

  1. Rob Usher (verified owner)

    Wow the pics don’t do this piece justice. The carbon fiber inlay is gorgeous and easily cleanable.

  2. Cory McLeod

    So not going to lie, I thought a $175 EDC was kinda ridiculous. I previously had a $50 tray which worked great. So then these guys sucked me in with the Boondock edition and apparently I “had” to have it. Well upon receiving it the first thing I noticed was the quality, it’s a perfect weight, feels incr B edibly strong and is a great size. Then you get to admire the design which is amazingly well done. So I went from these “ridiculous” trays to ordering my second one with a good chance of a 3rd if any monthly limited catch my eye… maybe horror theme 👍🏼

  3. Nick

    On my 2nd one here .I found out about them from triple aught designs merge with Neomag on the topo trays . These are very well made and just look great ! The folks at Neomag are also some of the BEST folks i have ever dealt with on the phone . top notch company , give them a try and you will not be disappointed.

  4. Michael

    Absolutely love mine. My pocket stuff goes right into it daily. I know where it’s at. The quality it amazing. The Craftsmanship of it is second to none. Love all my neomag products

  5. Jimmy Rowland

    As usual for any NEOMAG product, their EDC trays are super high quality and skillfully crafted. Great product!

  6. Scott

    The best EDC tray on the market. I’ve spent the last 6 years evaluating products like this and have seen many EDC trays come across my desk. None of them come close to the quality and craftsmanship of the Neomag EDC Tray.

  7. Scott Witner

    Just add it to your cart and purchase the damn thing. You won’t regret it. These are heirloom products that can be passed down to future generations. The price point is justified by the quality craftsmanship and the fact that it is made in America by Americans.

  8. Dustin Pogue (verified owner)

    Wow! A really impressive and functional EDC tray. Well crafted. It looks great. I will enjoy using this tray. Thanks for an amazing product.

    • Graig Davis

      Thank you Dustin! Glad you like it!

  9. Rick C. (verified owner)

    Great Bedside Tray! Holds cellphones, keys, and firearm within easy reach. Love the brass rod to hold the firearm. Very innovative.

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