Over the years the NeoMag would go through a number of updates.  Nearly all of them were because of customer feedback.  Powder coat was not a durable enough option so I began having them blacknitride finished.  The shape of the back plate would go from squared off corners to angled to allow the magazine to sit just a little lower.  The stock titanium pocket clips I was using needed altered because they were too long, so I designed up my own clip design still using titanium.  People did not like the two screws at the bottom by the rubber dot so I figured out a way to assemble the whole thing only using the 2 screws for the clip.  This made customers happy and it made assembly much easier.  An extended clip came, then black cerakote clips, then double magnet “Type G” for better hold on Glock mags.  All of these things were results of customer feedback and giving my customers what they wanted.

It was very exciting when the NeoMag caught the attention of plain clothes police who were never able to easily conceal a magazine before but now can.  Departments like homeland security and federal air Marshalls have purchased NeoMags so they can easily carry a spare.  It’s been so rewarding to see so many people who have had the same issue I had, now have a solution.  It’s experiences like this that have been what truly spurs me on.

Custom Shop NeoMags began once I went full time with the business and I had time to be creative.  I purchased a titanium anodizing kit and that opened up possibilities.  Using electricity you can change the reflective properties of titanium to brightly color the surface.  Playing with surface finishes of titanium gives even more color diversity.  Tumbled blue titanium clips were a big hit because they matched blue jeans well.   

The first custom I was really excited about used carbon fiber plates, anodized titanium screws and pocket clips.  I had titanium brackets made so I could add color options.  Titanium and carbon fiber together cut the weight of a NeoMag by more than half.  

Entire cerakote designs came next and were successful so I began offering limited monthly customs.  Making seasonal designs like Saint Patricks theme or camo patterns have been very popular.  We would eventually use other materials like copper and brass.  We even had a few small batches using Damascus steel.  They were insanely difficult and expensive to make.  Damascus steel would be the first NeoMag to sell for over $100 and still sold out very quickly.  

While spending extra for a custom design that is concealed in your pocket isn’t for everyone, it’s been a lot of fun for others who take pride in their NeoMag and maybe want to help support us more.  People enjoy having a limited edition design, or a design that really relates to another passion they have such as designs like classic military vehicles.  Collaborating with other makers in the industry and even out of the industry has been a lot of fun as well.  Companies like Blowndeadline have done designs for us that are both beautiful and still just as functional.  

We are still working on ways to improve the quality of the NeoMag.  Last year we worked with a custom automation company to make us a machine that will bend the titanium clips for us.  We have hand bent tens of thousands of clips over the years, one at a time, on a small hand brake.  While it kept with the feeling of a hand made product, it was time consuming and constancy was an issue.  We look at improving tolerances on the CNC machine to give better fit and finish.

If you wait to release a product when it’s “perfect” you will never release a product.  While we have made improvements over the years one thing has never changed.  We still stand by our earliest designs and will still stand behind our lifetime warranty.  I do love being open to products evolving and changing if it can be a better product.

I hope you have enjoyed this 3 part series about the NeoMag.  It was difficult to wrap up 7 years into this series but I think it gave good insight into the journey that has taken us where we are today and allowing us to come up with other products over the years.