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Medium NeoMag  (For 9mm & .40S&W)

NeoMag – Medium

Medium NeoMag  (For 9mm & .40S&W)

NeoMag – Medium – Extended

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NeoMag: Black Clip

NeoMag – Black – Medium

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Perfect fit to the magazine. Both 9mm and the 380. I have the extended versions. Well made. Strong pocket clip and strong magnet for secure carry. Very happy with both of them. Thanks NeoMag!

Tom K.

April 13, 2022

I’m a repeat customer. This team produces innovative quality gear for your EDC lifestyle. 11/10

Mike L.

March 25, 2022

I’ve tried numerous kydex mag pouches for EDC purposes, and while an IWB kydex pouch works well, they’re not terribly comfortable (less surface area pressing into your body than the weapon holster itself unless you’re running a Sidecar for example). In any case, the Neomag is not only comfortable, but easy to don and doff, and it carries a spare mag discretely. Now there is virtually no reason not to have a reload, effectively doubling your odds of saving your life or the lives of those around you. As a retired 32 LEO from a large Midwestern agency and former firearms and tactics instructor, I cannot recommend Neomag enough. v/r

Jeff B.

March 23, 2022

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The Alias paired with this @alexandryandesign holster makes for a really nice carry. The Hook&Loop receiver keeps everything staged in my safe and Belt Receiver on my @koreessentials belt is how I carry every day. ...

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Sentry Straps and SBRs belong together.

Repost from @cothrontrust

SBR Rifle Detail/Gear
@lmtdefense MRP 12.5” DI
@eotech XPS2
@surefire_llc Mini Scout
@huxwrx Muzzle Device for FLOW 556
@trigger.tech Flat Trigger
@lawtactical Folder
@jprifles silent capture spring
@safarilandgroup Holster
@glockinc Glock 19
@theneomag magnetic SENTRY STRAP
@flatlinefiberco Sling
@koreessentials Battle Belt
@skdtactical PIG gloves

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Repost from @solodefense

Friday EDC tips. 1. Red dots don't automatically make a bad shooter a good shooter. You have to practice. 2. You probably don't need a spare...but you might.
3. A holster that is not hard form and doesn't retain its shape for reholstering is not an acceptable carry option.
4. Always carry a handheld light.
Last but not least.. life is too short to drink bad coffee. Load up! Let's go!

@theneomag @holosun @vikingcoffeeco @romeobravoholstercompany

#AgencyArms #holosunoptics #weaponworksllc #neomag #friday #solodefense #soloshenanigans #protip #edc #concealedcarry #everydaycarry #dotlife #dothework #thyrm #switchback

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This is our launch video from 2021 when all we had was the belt receiver and hard mount. It’s so cool to see how far it’s come and I can’t wait for you to see what’s next! ...

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We have a few solutions for left handed people wanting to stage their sling. Have you figured out any other solutions than these? ...

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Repost from @solodefense

A lot of coffee and a little reading. "For what glory is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye shall take it patiently? but if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently, this is acceptable with God.
21 For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps:" 1 Peter 2:20-21

#coffeeandreading #theWord #morningcoffee #reading #bible #dailygrind #dailybread #dailywalk #dailycarry #solodefense #agencyarms #neomag #weaponworksllc #holosunoptics #thyrm #coffee

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It’s not just a purchase, it’s an investment. The NeoMag and Alias were designed for use every single day, for years to come. ...

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The Alias can be used on the hip or appendix. Lock it in & let it rip! ...

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Happy #wheelgunwednesday! Using the Alias Hook & Loop in the Vertx Fanny pack and reloading using our RASC. ...

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To some I’m over prepared and insecure, to others I’m probably under prepared. We posted a video going through my carry and why I carry the items. Check out our YouTube channel @neomagusa ...

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When you hit the range do you practice with the same gear that you carry with? ...

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Leave the hair ties for hair. Let the Sentry Strap handle years of repetitive use and abuse. ...

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Alias Beltless Receivers are back in stock. If you live an active lifestyle or are a professional in scrubs or active wear the Alias Beltless is a good option for you. Use the same holster you use on your belt and lock it into the Tegris frame that clips using 2 Ulticlips for a super convenient and sturdy platform. ...

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Black TacTraps are in stock and moving quickly. These are for 1.75” tactical belts with webbing on the outside. Keep your ear pro, eye pro, gloves all staged on and off the range. ...

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We love these @txcholsters X1 Floodlight holsters. I have been carrying my C2 in this holster using the Alias. It conceals great, super comfortable and looks cool to boot. ...

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Anyone get their @official_stacatto2011 CS? What do you think of it? ...

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If you didn’t know, you would never know. The all-metal Alias receivers use a steel C bracket to attach to the @koreessentials belt so it’s nearly undetectable. The Alias receiver also gives an insanely rigid connection yet still allow a really easy on and off of the belt. #everydaycarry #selfdefense #alias #neomag ...

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Using the Alias you can keep your gun in your carry holster and secure it with the hard mount. @jeeperak looks well equipped!

Love the alias stuffs.

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Keep your carry secured in a bag and ready for carry. The Alias system unlocks your carry like you have never experienced. ...

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I don’t care if you have the most perfect gun ever made on the face of the earth, know how to fix malfunctions. #howto #pistolbasics #malfunction ...

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