I have been getting emails and messages on different social media sites all week in regards to the comments Pat McNamara made on a Comedy Central segment.  Most have been threatening comments about never doing business again or not following us because Mac is a spokesperson for the NeoMag.

Here is the video from CC after a commercial that has zero connection with its customer base. Skip to the 3:20 mark if you want to get right to the point.

Overall I think that went as good as it’s going to go coming from Comedy Central, a very liberal channel and TV show.  But you may have caught the comments and responses from Mac about wait periods and Universal Background checks.  That’s what people are breaking out the pitchforks, lighting torches and shouting from the roof tops over.

When I first saw this I furrowed my brow and scratched my head because I know Mac and this didn’t make sense.  When I trained with Mac every comment he made was counter to what was shown on this show.  Mac is a spokesman for the NRA!  Yea, the very organization that fights for our second amendment rights.  

My very next thoughts after watching this video were “I bet Comedy Central, a very liberal station, and this show whose very subject is anti-gun, edited the crap out of this.”  So I did the level headed and measured thing and held judgement.  Then instead of marching into every gun forum and facebook page making empty threats (like many decided to do) I decided to call him and hear him out.

When I talked to Mac I had a very calm and collected guy on the line.  I could actually hear is eyes rolled into the back of his head over this whole thing.  He gave me a short explanation and said he had a couple interviews the next day.  One with Primary & Secondary live YouTube show.  And another with the NRA.  With that I said I would watch and listen to those for the full run down and wished him luck.  He thanked me for the phone call and that was that.

Here is the P&S interview.

 So we now have Macs actual, unedited, raw response to these questions.  I have had people say they won’t believe it because it sounds like he’s backtracking.  To that I say this:  

I believe Mac has done more for the country in his time he served, the industry that he has worked in and been a spokesperson for so long, and the thousands he has trained, that he deserves to be taken at his unedited and raw response rather than a few words after going through a liberal TV comedy channels editing blender.  I think that is something we all would wish people would do for us?  Take us at our actual word?  We can all learn a lot from Mac and his experience and skillset.  I know I personally have in my time training with him.
While I am thankful for those that are a spokesperson for my company, who knows, these guys may come and go in time.  At the very center of what I base my company around is first God and second is our constitutional freedom to bare arms so we can protect our great country and families.  I am an NRA member and a member of my local gun rights organizations.  That is and will always be what I and my company stands for.
This community loves to eat its own.  I have seen some great people in our industry eaten alive and spit out over some dumb things.  While we have a country that would love nothing more than to strip our rights away from the outside we are also destroying our selves from the inside.  Let’s take the time to stop and listen.  And then form an educated opinion and act rationally on that.  That doesn’t seem like too much to ask to me.
Carry On, Graig