Today I am publishing the fourth new episode of a show I call Drill Day.  The purpose of Drill Day is two fold.  First, I love to train.  Who doesn’t really?  I enjoy taking drills I have done with instructors in classes I have taken or even doing one of the many drills that instructors post on YouTube.  I enjoy learning new things and sharpening skills that seem to diminish faster than I can keep up with.  By no means am I making these videos as an example of what you SHOULD do.  It is merely an example of things you CAN do when you hit the range.  I would love to make this show a two way street.  Show me videos of you running the drill and maybe we can learn something from each other.

The second reason is simply to show the NeoMag in action.  There are a lot of reviews out there showing how the NeoMag works.  But not very many of just training with the Neomag.  I believe it is valuable for you to see what the NeoMag does well and what it may not do well for you.  Every piece of equipment has it’s limitations.  

Here is this weeks episode of Drill Day.  I keep them pretty short and sweet.  Sometimes I have guests join me.  Please subscribe, like, share and more than anything, get out there and try some of these drills and let me know what you think.