Ti Eyes

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We love patches.  We love titanium.  We really love titanium patches.  These velcro backed ranger eyes are deep etch and anodized completely with a laser and they are amazing.  Two designs are available.  One with the NeoMag logo and the other with our Sword & Trowel logo. You can read about the Sword & Trowel logo HERE.

We also thought it would be cool to make a matching NeoMag.  The titanium bracket was media blasted to a matte finish and anodized.  The plate and clip were polished and anodized giving it a really cool contrast.  We only made 2 of these and they include both patches.

4 Options:

  • NeoMag Patch
  • Sword & Trowel Patch
  • Both Patches
  • NeoMag & Both Patches


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