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NeoMag: Black Clip




Material: Blacknitride Steel
Clip: Cerakote black Titanium
Made in USA
Lifetime Warranty

The patented NeoMag allows a single NeoMag to work with all Single and Double stack magazines in it's caliber designated sizes.


  • Glock OEM Magazines work!  ETS and Magpul do not
  • Wilson Combat 9mm single stack choose Large
  • Check Springfield XD magazine to make sure they are magnetic
  • Check California compliant Glock 10 round magazine to make sure they are magnetic

14 reviews for NeoMag: Black Clip

  1. Caleb Blythe

    High quality, American made product that changes the way you carry a spare mag! Neomag is an essential part of my EDC and will always be. Can’t say enough good things.

  2. Derek Dunn

    Best spare mag accessory I have. Very quick and easy to get to the spare mag from concealed.

  3. Jimkillszombies

    Used a magazine carrier for about 2 years was given a neomag will never go back for a Daily carry.


  4. Tom

    Hasn’t left my pocket since I first purchased two years ago. I have a medium with extended clip and it works great for all of my carry mags, from single stack Glock 43 mags to extended double stack mags for my Glock 17.

  5. Curtis G. Killian

    This is one of the best inventions for EDC ever! It makes carrying an extra magazine easier.

  6. Michael

    Love mine. It’s a part of my daily edc. Takes up no room. It’s in my other front pocket

  7. Paul A. Kish (verified owner)

    Absolutely top notch piece of gear. Makes carrying a spare mag for my beloved Gen 3 Glock 19 a piece of cake. Front left or back left pocket depending on what I’m wearing. Ingenious!

  8. Chris Holder (verified owner)

    Best thing since sliced bread. Love my neomag. Allows for fast mag changes and takes up less room on my beltline cause im kinda a small guy and smaller is better. I have the extended clip on my neomag and i carry a +4 extension on my Sig P320 X-Carry mag on it and it hides it perfectly in my pocket. Looks like a regular pocketknife. Makes carrying 21 extra rds so much easier.


    I fortunately own one of the rarest neomags on the market. It’s the TRIPLE AUGHT DESIGN version and it is world class!!! Always carry mine, and it is a brilliant addition to my EDC carry! Grab one, you will not be disappointed.

  10. Jack Tran

    Best investment ever. I’ve bought a lot of mag carry holsters but never use it because I would literally have to buy bigger jeans and pants just to tuck 2 holsters in my pants and conceal it. With this bad toy here I can just shove my magazine in my pocket and it tucks it nicely in a corner and can still access my phone and pocket change or keys with out interference. Once trained properly to quick reload it’s awesome!

  11. Kenny

    I borrowed this from a friend for an 8hr shift in civies. Had my spare mag in my back pocket next to my wallet and never noticed it, even while sitting. it doesn’t scrape it mark my metal M&P40 mags, I’m buying one of each clip size.

  12. Christopher M Neal (verified owner)

    Ever since I first started carrying a firearm daily, I have struggled with how to carry an extra magazine. I tried just about everything out there, and then found NeoMag. It is the perfect solution, fits well in the pocket and holds the magazine secure, the deep pocket clip is phenomenal with my hard duty base pads. You can not go wrong with NeoMag

  13. Ben

    I challenge anyone to try to find a better solution for carrying a secondary mag on yourself with the same consistency and reliability as a NeoMag. I’ll save you some time.. There is none. I wouldn’t trust any other product with this job.

  14. Matt (verified owner)

    Just got my NEOMAG in time for Christmas! This thing is sweet! The clip is solid and the reloads are smooth out the pocket!

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