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These amazing custom designs come to us from Blown Deadline.  For extra nerd points the text is Aurebish for "NeoMag". Very limited quantities of each design available.


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  1. Austin M (verified owner)

    I have this among of two other neos. This is a good way to carry spare mag not only for pocket use but I have attach these inside of bags for easy access off body. It is also depending on caliber, these are a mutli mag holder. You don’t need a specific holster for s&w or glock. So it cuts down on clutter and saves money for mag holster for various guns. If I want to carry my Kimber micro 9 mag one day or my s&w 9 compact the other I just use the same neo mag. Great thing to replacement parts on wear points clip, grip pad thing, and magnet are available. Note Kimber full size 9mm 1911s need large neo mag to fit them. I don’t normally like buying more of same items but some reason I keep buying these.. they are like collector items that you can use.

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