Betsy Ross NeoMag (Pre-Order Ships in 3-4 weeks)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

**Pre-order ships in 3-4 weeks**

Take a step back this 4th of July and remember where our country began with this cerakote and lasered Betsy Ross themed Neomag.

**EDC Tray not included.

1 review for Betsy Ross NeoMag (Pre-Order Ships in 3-4 weeks)

  1. Michelle Giurlanda

    Disappointed that the Betsy Ross isn’t available in the small size.

    • Dusty Ball

      I am sorry we didn’t make any smalls this go around. If you email in next year about 3 weeks before the 4th, we can add a small in to the batch we send.

      – Dusty

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